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You can feel safe in your belief in privacy protection thanks to a travel website. To help you understand how we use and collect your personal information, we have developed our privacy policy. We retain the right to take any and all measures necessary to uphold your right to privacy on our websites and operating systems. When you purchase goods and services from our website, you provide us personal information, which we can use to further our goals.

Regarding the promises and privacy policy:

When you use the bookticketcheap website, an online travel agency is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal data you give us. This privacy statement explains how we handle any personal data we receive about you. However, we disclaim all responsibility for any unauthorized or illegal disclosures of your private information at bookticketcheap by any third parties over whom we have no control. You may use content or services from other websites, including those with which we have co-branded, in order to gather data for your goals.

Things that are regarded as personal information include:

You must authenticate yourself by providing personal information, such as your name, contact information, or facts about your itinerary, in order to access any online website. When requesting any kind of assistance or service, you must give us these information. As a result, you must provide your information while using the services on our website, and we utilize that information for other purposes that support our business development.

How do we collect personal information?

•To make you’re booking convenient each time, travel businesses regularly update their offers and services. As a result, when we discover something crucial in the travel industry that we think users should know about, we gather personal data and deliver the service you expect from an online travel website. You must provide us the services you receive from our website if you want to receive the new updates and services. You will soon receive a rundown of the personal data we gather when you use our website's features.

Your last and first names, gender, nationality, and passport number are required.

We gather information about you, including your email address, physical address, and phone number.

Your travel date, flight reservation, and payment information are among the information you must disclose with the seller throughout the booking process.

We also keep records of the conversations, trip plans, and client comments related to the services we have already rendered to you.

Additionally, we agree that you will use our mobile app or subscribe to the news using information like your IP address, browser type, operating system, and others that we gather.

According to your social media settings when you view the page, you can share any comments you want and receive the information as appropriate.

Methods by which we collect your personal data:

We reserve the right to gather personal data from you via a travel agency-affiliated website that uses appropriate data security. We acquire personal data about you utilizing some of our website's best tools. For your vital reason, you must double-check the login information you used to access our website. You must share the private information that we convey in order to make all personal information used in various ways efficiently if you want to order some crucial information.

Email, live chat, and response devices are ways in which we acquire your personal information.

For travel support and services, you can choose to share your contact information via a written form.

When you get in touch with us via the phone, a mobile device, or another messaging system that we provide for communication, we collect your information.

When you use an internet service to visit an online website, including a website, an app, or social media services on your device, share your information.

When you subscribe to our travel website or complete any entry form, we ask for your information.

We invite you to share your contacts when you request any specific information for trip details or use any other service on our website.

Cookies policy:

To keep track of your services and online activity on our website, we employ cookies. On our website, we assist you in keeping the information you give with us. Cookies are little data files that may contain an anonymous unique identification. You can utilize the cookies on our website that are sent to your device when you access it to save all the data there. You receive cutting-edge technology to use cookies for your goals and maintain the security of your website.

Cookies that we utilize include:

When making a reservation, you can use the travel services by using the season cookies.

To remember your choices and different settings, you will check using preference cookies.

You will utilize the security cookies after agreeing to receive cookies, which will help us build a better website for you.

Our Legitimate needs:

You must comprehend the legal requirements that apply to each of the instructions that follow in order to release your information to a specific faith.

We share your information, and you must abide by the legal advertisement on your website.

The rights and property of our travel agency should be safeguarded.

When we deliver you certain essential offers and benefits, we exchange your sensitive information.

You must be aware of the rules about sharing your contact information on our website.

Make sure you work with us to secure the services and products with the legal document you submit with us.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

Your privacy policy may be updated at any time without prior notice, and you are required to accept the terms of the policy on your website. However, you will receive a notification when new information and services are posted on our website.

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